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The SEO Website Optimisation Audit delivers professional performance optimisation and security scan, SEO, search results audit and competition comparison, content management and social networking audit. 

The SEO Website Optimisation Audit boosts the websites’ online presence, improves brand recognition, adds value and increases sales.

In this session we provide an initial audit and three additional auditing levels:

  • Initial Website Audit (1 Optimisation Report) 15min
  • Audit + Basic Optimisation (SERP optimisation + Basic SEO + Basic optimisation) Stage 1, 30min
  • Audit + Advanced Optimisation (1 Optimisation incl social media + 1 SEO Report with active monitoring + Basic SEO Details + Advanced optimisation for 5 pages) Stage 2, 40min


Client is required to have an existing domain name and a website present on the domain name. Client needs providing login details, basic specification, any existing problem description and have a goal on mind.

Precaution: All changes done to the system are provided during the session. The session might be split in an online session (up to 30min) and remote session, when we provide the solution. The 5% of immediate effects of the SEO audit are visible immediately, while the full session results are measurable from 14 days after the session, in some cases after 1-3 months.

If you're enquiring about online advertising or SEO boosting, then the best to enquire would be on the developer package.

Provided by

Sebastian Morgenstern
Yvette McGrath