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How to make and run your own online store?

This online workshop will introduce you to the basics of what you'll need to create, publish and maintain your online store, managed by an e-commerce platform of choice.

What is included?

If you would wish to get some guidance before you onboard your online website creation and/or e-commerce business journey, this introductory workshop is made for you.

In a 1.5h session we will first assess your needs and write up a plan with goals that you'd need to achieve to satisfy the needs. You will need providing a real example, with a business name, business model and mission statement ready.

To start with, we can cover the basics research where to get the best domain name registration and website hosting packages. If you already have these, we can assess the main point - bringing up the website.


The session duration is 1.5h. So be ready prior to attending a session to use the time to the most.

It will provide you with a solid advice about how to start your new website, what will you need and how to get there.

This support workshop is set to complete in 1.5h. It doesn't include any completed website or an e-commerce store, but it will provides you with everything you need to start building out one immediately after we finish.

After hours

Additionally, and after completion, we can provide you some further help, and support you with the tools necessary to build the website of your dreams as soon as you'd need it.

Some of our showcase examples can be found on https://thelematics.co/showcase

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